Friday, April 26, 2013

Weight Warriors Week 15, 16, AND 17

Little Adventures

Well... I'm a bit behind... It's pretty ridiculous how hard it can be for me to find a few minutes to hop on the computer and post on my blog. It seems every time I have tried over the past couple weeks, something else suddenly had to be taken care of. I've not been tracking my food as well these past few weeks either. Ugh. My dizzy head lasted a couple weeks it seems. And this week I've been having some weird vision issues. Mostly it seems, caused by me trying a different brand of contacts which we've since learned do not fit my eyes. But now that that part is figured out, it seems the prescription isn't quite right yet. I'm so thankful that I've not been living in a constant migraine through all this. Typically, if my eyes aren't right- I'm in bed with a migraine to go along with it. So that's a HUGE positive for me right now. Especially since we're in the middle of Spring softball and baseball right now. And I'm happy to say- my husband interviewed for and received the offer to become the head coach for a 10U All Star team this Summer. SO excited! AND, our 13th anniversary is the Saturday before Mother's Day. We've been talking about going to watch a TX Longhorns softball game for years- and their last game before the whole world series business starts up, is on Mother's Day. So we decided we will load up the kids and go! I'm honestly not sure who's more excited, me, my husband, or our daughters!

So back to Weight Warriors... I'm not going to post the last 3 weeks worth of stats today. I need to get back to working out, which I haven't done since the dizzy head started. And I need to get back to tracking every meal again. EVERY meal. 

And Amy, I can't thank you enough for reaching out to me. I may have gone another week or two without posting had you not. You helped make me feel accountable. And maybe even a little missed. :) THANK YOU!

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  1. I an so proud of you for getting back on track and accepting you had fallen behind!!!!
    Good luck slowly getting back into exercising and our healthy journey!
    You were greatly missed!