Friday, May 10, 2013

Seinfeld Calendar

So... One of my goals this year was to blog more, like at least twice a week. And so far, I'm slacking on that, horribly. It's not even close.

Earlier this week, I asked a wise and wonderful friend of mine (who is currently somewhere around 70 days in a row of posting on her blog, Oddly Said.) how on earth she does it. This is not a case of someone with no kids, or even less kids and time to spare on her hands. In fact, she has one more kid than I do! And she is also a homeschooler. And as much as I feel busy 24/7, I can assure you, she's way busier! She's also way more organized.

Her answer? First, she already learned that it's much easier to make yourself post everyday, than say, twice a week, because twice a week can easily become a case of I'll post tomorrows... (Wow. She was preaching it to me! Totally hit the nail on the head.) Then, she introduced me to a Seinfeld Calendar App she has on her phone. Each day you complete your goal, you mark it off. After a few days, you really don't want to break the streak and have to start over.

I'm not sure what her app was called, but for the iPhone, the one I found is called A Step A Day. So, today is day 1. And this weekend is going to be a bit crazy. We're even heading out of town for a couple days. If I forget my laptop, (which I'm not used to carrying around yet) I'll be very unhappy. I know posting from a phone can be done, but it is something I've never attempted...

I'm crafting more lately so I am hoping I'll at least have 1 craft a week to post. And I will probably do Wordless Wednesdays just for the ease of it. I need to start simple.

Day 1- Complete.


  1. Good luck! I've been trying to blog more lately too.
    I've actually blogged from my phone before.
    Also! If I find extra time (cause that happens a lot) I write ahead and schedule the posts for another day.
    Been really distracted and a little stressed lately though.

  2. That's awesome, Alisha! You can do it. Don't break the chain.