Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Teaching Tuesday

I do hope to at least do 1 day a week about our homeschooling adventures...

One thing we love about homeschool- Moments like these.
 My husband had to head out extra early for work this morning. And then came home for a little bit and this happened. My son asked to play with a magnifying glass. So naturally, my husband showed him how to start a fire with one!
We had already learned about these joys in Science this year as one of our projects involved melting chocolate with the sun and magnifying glasses. Yes we were safe, and the kids know not to go around starting fires. And no, I'm not thoroughly convinced it won't still happen... Especially not after my son described in such detail, with so few words, the decapitated mouse found in our driveway to our lovely waitress Sunday. I'm still amazed how he managed to get it condensed so that by the time we realized what he was saying and stopped him, it was already too late! Turns out the waitress had several brothers and actually enjoyed a moment that reminded her of them. :)

Here's some more pics from this morning's unplanned experiment. (Note- Dink wasn't about to be left out.)

 We decided to pop some balloons as well.

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  1. Never would have thought of doing the balloons! I'll bet the kids loved that.
    Ya know...I don't think we have a magnifying glass? Also, pretty sure the boys would actually burn the house down.