Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scrappy Saturday

Nothing to show yet! Still working on those resizes. I vow not to get behind like this again. And to go ahead and print my pics from January and start making those pages now, while still working on resizes. I don't think I'll ever catch up if I don't start putting some together. Putting them together will motivate me to get moving faster on this, right?!

I love freebies. There are always people designing and offering freebies for PL. I have so many that I plan to use. And thanks to my friend Cerise, over at Craft Cherry, I've got a new freebie I love (at least when I got it, it was free, not sure if it's only free for a limited time.). It's an app called Skitch. I'm not a pro with it by any means, but I know that I can write whatever I want, not type, but write- as in my very own insanely messy handwriting, then save it and email it to myself. Then, I can send it to my trusty Cameo to cut! Oh I will totally be using this for PL. You better believe my kiddos will get their turn on making some too! :)

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