Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Happy List Tuesday

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I'm really not sure what's with me this week... Last night, I sat down and started typing My Happy List Tuesday. Halfway through, I realized it was actually Monday and changed it. Tonight, I sat down and started typing Wordless Wednesday... But it's Tuesday! Seriously brain! Get with the program this week!

I have so much to be happy for. Always. Here's a few I'll highlight for this week.

1. The weather. It's been surprisingly pleasant the last few days. I mean, sure, the weather man said it would be, but this is July. In Texas. I wasn't about to believe it until I felt it. And I sure have felt it! :)

2. The kids and I have been crafting like crazy, which I enjoy so much! I love various crafts, so having the kids get involved and enjoy it with me it awesome! If you haven't seen my post from yesterday, go check it out! I showed off some items we made!

3. We've also managed to keep the house fairly clean lately. And it hasn't involved us cleaning 24/7. This makes me very happy.

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  1. We were just outside (here in Central Alabama) enjoying the cool weather! It has been an oddly rainy and cool summer.

    Keeping a house clean without as much effort is definitely worth a mention on a happy post! :D

    Oh, and your crafts for the Fourth are so cute, and I know your kids had fun making them!

    Thanks for linking-up, my dear!