Monday, July 1, 2013

Make it Monday

As my Lexi was born on the 4th of July, we're pretty big fans of the holiday around here. I don't have a patriotic wreath yet, so I handed Lexi the iPad with my Wreathaholic board on Pinterest pulled up and told her to pick one. She picked this one. Of course, we wanted to make it our own still, so here's what we made. We are very happy with it! :)

I also had the kids look through my 4th board on Pinterest, at the shirts. I had plenty of paint on hand, so I just had to grab them each a white shirt. Each kid planned their own shirt, and I just helped where needed.
Here Lexi is planning her layout.
Demi wanted more of a flag look and found one she really liked. We used some two-sided foam tape found in my husband's tool box, as I didn't have any tape the right size. Hopefully he doesn't need it before I can replace it!
I had to be a little more hands on with each kid... Obviously TJ was going to need a little more help. He was happy to have it though, because his shirt involved painting his hand. Which is apparently one of the most awesome things EVER. Wish I had gotten a pic of his face with his hand painted. But it was a bit too hectic running to help between 3 kids. Lexi managed to snap this shot.
And here is Lexi pulling the stars off hers after using the hair dryer to hurry the process along!
All 3 kids wanted a firework done with pipe cleaners like we had seen on Pinterest. So we added those. Here's the finished shirts as they are drying. Tomorrow I'll be getting some pics of them wearing the shirts! Lexi has declared that she will wear hers all week- or at least for the next 3 days! 


  1. Those shirts are just fantastic!! I love that they all have handprints.

  2. I love your fun Fourth of July projects! Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog. How did you get the pipe cleaners to stick on the t-shirts?

  3. Very impressive and very creative!!

  4. Looks like fun, crafting with the kids. Isn't it neat to have Pinterest to go to for ideas? You must be celebrating a birthday today! Love the wreath and shirts too!