Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Happy List Tuesday

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Today... My husband and I chalked 6 fields. In the Texas heat. It was awful. And I assure you that's an understatement.

Tonight, our All Stars rocked it again and won both games! 7-2 & 12-3. I really enjoy watching these girls play! 

Also, I have been considering trying to being a little money in with my crafts. I've not actually started anything yet, but somehow I still managed to get an order. I made my little sis and her boyfriend some car decals using my trusty cameo, and next thing I know, I'm getting a request from a friend of theirs (and mine), for not 1, but 4 personalized decals! I am kinda hoping to keep this going. I just want it to be simple though... I mean, I'm a homeschooling momma with year round ball playing kids- I don't want to take time away from my family- but I would like to have a small income from it. Even if it only paid for all my personal craft projects! :)

I'll be linking up this post with My Happy List tomorrow. I'm a little too tired tonight.


  1. Amazing that you were able to get an order without even trying. Sounds promising.

    If I were making money to cover my craft projects I can imagine it might be a substantial sum. Hope you come to a happy medium.

  2. Can you post a picture of your decal? I have a Cameo and am still learning how to use it!

  3. I think you should go for it because (as my uncle used to say) it will give you a little co-cola money (mad money) ;P

    Have you considered Etsy? I was thinking about starting an Etsy shop for my mini paintings, but I haven't decided yet....

    Thanks for linking-up!


  4. I think it sounds like decals is the way to go. You could have some ready made ones and offer personalized ones too. Get an online album together so people can see your work.
    I'm seriously considering moving back to etsy....Storenvy has not made me happy.