Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wild Hair

My girls are both playing in Pink Out tourneys this weekend. The teams are all supposed to have some pink included in their uniforms and I believe part of the proceeds go to breast cancer research (I should look this up, just going off what I've heard...).
Both my girls' teams got pink socks. Then I started thinking... Which led to me making these. 
I think they are a tiny bit loose, but they both wore them tonight, my oldest all through practice and said it never budged- so I'm excited. Super easy to make, and super cute. And now that I know how, I can make many more! Which turned into me attempting to make some for one whole team at the coach's request. Which naturally means I need to make them for both teams! That is a lot of headbands in little time. Not going to stress over it- but I do really want to make them for all the girls!

1 comment:

  1. I need headbands like that for when I run or even when I walk. Stray hairs drive me nuts. Those are super cute too!