Friday, May 2, 2014

Connected or not?

We've been out most of the day handling up on the empty fridge and pantry situations. Now that we are finally home and ready to call it a night, our internet is in and out... Hopefully this will post. 

Also, my eyes are giving me problems again, just like this time last year. I'm thinking it's allergy related at this point, but so far I've not found relief. The allergy eye drops I've tried (3 different ones now), all make it worse. Like, fighting to even get my eyes to open, worse. I decided to buy some overnight drops I had to use many years a go when I had a contact rip in my eye resulting in a lacerated cornea for me. (Yes, yes I do tend to have eye issues.) On top of all the antibiotic drops and numbing drops the dr gave me then, he also gave me these overnight drops, which are available without a prescription, they literally make it look like you have Vaseline in your eyes. You really cannot see after you put them in for quite a while. But they feel great. It's had to have been at least 10 years since this and I still remember the name of those drops. I'm praying they bring some much needed relief. I need it!

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