Saturday, May 3, 2014

Softball Saturday

My girls got to play together today! My oldest daughter's team is short on players this weekend, and my middle child's team ended up not playing this weekend, so it all worked out. They asked her to suit up and be ready to play with them again tomorrow. I tried to get a pic when one of them was on 2nd, other on 1st...
It's too small on my phone to really see.. They both scored just a couple pitches later so I didn't get a chance to try and get a better pic. Maybe it'll show up better on the computer. Maybe. 

Lil man had a fantastic game again today too! He had 3 great hits, caught the whole game, and made an out at home! He got the game ball- and they haven't even been giving them out this season! Go T-Buddy!

Love my ball players!

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  1. That's MY nephew and nieces! Better make sure they're not ever in the same room with each other. All that awesomeness in one room would blow the place up!