Monday, June 30, 2014

New Class Pet

As if we didn't have plenty already! During the last game of Saturday's portion of the tourney, this adorable baby bunny ran onto the field. My two youngest (not playing in the tourney) tried to catch it. Then begged their dad for it/a bunny. My husband told them at dinner that if they could catch it, they could keep it! He then looked at me and muttered, that should be a pretty safe deal, right?

Well, as shocked as I still am, the little bunny was back on Sunday, and they actually caught it! 

Lesson learned.

We bought a cage and all the essentials and honestly- we, husband included, really just adore the thing already. It's so cute!
Can you tell I took this as soon as she scooped it up?!? That excitement and just pure joy on her face! :)

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