Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Make It Monday

Well, I started today with a migraine. The kids played in the water on the trampoline for a couple of hours while I rested. Rob has been miserable over a week now with pain from the herniated disc in his neck- he finally sees the doctor again tomorrow! So the day started pretty blah. By 1:30my head was mostly better, we had lunch, watched some tv, and then TJ went for his Legos and the girls got out the yarns they had picked out and got started on their blankets! Demi has got the pattern down now and only needs my help when she's ready to change colors. I just taught Lexi the stitches and pattern today and even though she was frustrated at first, she figured it out super fast! She still asked me to check her stitches and pattern several times, but she's figuring it out quick. I'm so glad they are enjoying!

We ended the night with a little more tv, and Demi having a headache. :( She curled up with Rob and next thing I find is TJ crashed on him too! Other than the physical pains, what a blessed day! 

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