Friday, June 5, 2015

Sick baby

My lil man isn't feeling good. He's had a cough for a week and a half or so and some fatigue, but that's it. Lexi was the same way a few weeks ago and she still has an occasional cough. However, last night, TJ didn't sleep well at all. He slept most of the day today and then started running a low fever. Yesterday morning I though he was getting better! :( 

I took him to the PrimaCare this evening, and let me just say- it doesn't help when the doctor tells you she honestly has no idea what is going on with him. She said his ears, throat, nose, ect ect ect are all in perfect health. She recommended Zyrtec for his cough.... She's the doctor, I'll try it.  She said a low fever is fine. As long as it stays under 100, his body is doing what it needs to fight this off. She did write a prescription for an antibiotic in case the fever goes up, or he's not doing better tomorrow morning. But she felt confident his body is fighting whatever this is and that he'd only be getting better. She actually asked me, more than once, not to pick up the prescription before tomorrow, and only to get it tomorrow if he's worse.  As much as I don't like her not being able to tell me what's wrong with my boy, I like a doctor that's honest and not pushing drugs on me/my kids. 

Really praying hard that my sweet little man is back to himself soon. Like right now. It's so hard not being able to make him feel better. 

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