Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 40

Ready to get back to schedules and routines. Still haven't started school back up, which I am as okay with as I'm not okay with. Really. The classroom is the last to get unpacked, and we are working on it. Also, my husband kinda took it over as it was the only place to put his computer so he can get the computer stuff done for work each day. We should be getting his desk by the end of the week though, so we can be all set to start next week. I hope. I miss it. Although all 3 kids, and most especially the girls, have been reading like crazy these last few weeks. I'm good with that too. :)

Also, Dink got his first supervised outdoors visit since we've moved. He was so happy. Then we let him have a 2nd and he found a loose fence plank and slipped into a neighbors yard. Took some coaxing, but he finally jumped to the top of the fence, and then made Rob get him down. Lol. 

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