Monday, April 25, 2016

Day 114

Well... As a single income family of 5, there are definitely some luxuries we cannot afford. When we first chose to keep me home with the kids , we decided yard work was one thing we would do for ourselves. It might be the stupidest decision we've ever made. 

We hate yard work. We always push it one week longer than we should, which makes it harder when we do it. Our lawn mower is horrible, but we hate mowing so much we refuse to upgrade on principle alone. 

So after 9 years, we find our perfect home, and the backyard is like a football field. Yard size was a big thing in our plans for the perfect home. This house really was that good. It convinced us it was worth it's yard.

So far, we've had to mow a couple times and each time, it's taken about 6 hours. The girls "kinda" liked it. But we don't have entire days of nothingness to allow the time required to maintain this yard. Man oh man.

We only thought we knew what it meant to hate yard work before!! It's time to cut something else in the budget and pay someone else to cut our grass!

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