Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 115

Growing Girl
The recliner dumped her to the floor seconds later. She's our sweet growing girl! It's hard to believe how much she's grown already. Here she is when we were first bringing her home. She was 3 months old.
A few weeks ago, I could be heard stating that I thought she might be done growing. Her paws and just everything looked perfectly proportioned. We know she's a lab mix, but not what the mix part is. Now, her paws suddenly are massive compared to the rest of her. Only time will tell! She's a really good girl, other than her chewing. We make sure she has bones and toys ect to chee in and play with, but she's constantly into everything still. Saturday, we had to leave her out as we were all going to be gone from before sunrise until well after sunset. She took the opportunity and pulled part of the water hose from its stand, then proceeded to chew off about a 10 ft long section for herself! Of course, it's been her absolute favorite toy since then. She carries it all around the yard like its her most prized possession. Hopefully she will leave other stuff alone now. But I'm not counting on it! She also likes to carry her food bowl across the yard when it's empty, and will either dig in, or pick up and dump out her water bowl as soon as you fill it. She's a mess and a major handful, but we sure love her!

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