Thursday, April 28, 2016

Day 117

So today started great, but took an unexpected turn. We were sitting around (I was reading HP aloud to the kids) when Lexi and TJ, as usual, started aggravating each other. At some point, TJ picked up an old knotted up sock the dog chews on and decided to gross Lexi out with it. I'm not sure anymore if he was waving it in her face or threw it at her, or a combination of the two, but somehow, it caught her open left eye. 

We tried visine, we tried water, she stood in the running shower for 10 minutes trying too open her eye in the water. Then, we headed to the doctor. She has several small scratches on her left eye. We were told they are very shallow and that it heals very quickly. Like, 24 hours. She was given 3 different eye drops to use the next 24 hours. 

Come home, do the drops. And she's in bed by 8. It wasn't getting worse, but it certainly wasn't feeling any better.

 I've had what feels like way more than my fair share of eye issues. I still can't wear contacts due to the last one. Several years ago. Eye pain is rough. But I also know from experience that it can heal fast, just like the doctor said today. I'm praying hard she wakes up feeling better tomorrow. 

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