Friday, April 29, 2016

Day 118

Lexi's eye is way better today. Red, puffy, little bit swollen, and still a little pain- but way better. Not stopping her from anything today. However, she really didn't get a chance to test out how sensitive it may or may not be in the sunlight. It was super sensitive last night. She has a tourney tomorrow, and I've been hoping for a rainout deep down because 1- I'm being a worried mom and know a couple more days indoors taking it easy would help. But it's really healing up quick and I don't feel it's at the point that I have to make her sit out. And 2- I wouldn't mind a weekend off. Although if we are really talking wants, I want a kid free weekend with my man. However, he's stuck working all weekend anyway. The time will come! Eventually! 

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