Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Craft-A-Long

Well, I can't believe I waited until the last minute to finish this! I really wanted to have it hanging for a few weeks before Valentine's Day, but it didn't happen. I kinda just let Valentine's sneak right up on me this year! I originally planned to sew some fabric into a bow to hang it, like I did the pine cone wreath, but as went to finish it tonight (determined to at least have it hanging by the morning), I realized that it really just seems too small for what I pictured. I wanted it to be bigger the entire time. I never was able to find a bigger heart shaped form. I still intend to make a much bigger round one (not Valentine's themed) though.

Sew... to shorten all that up, I waited till the last minute just to cut a piece of red ribbon and tie it around it in a bow! At least it's hanging now!

1 comment:

  1. It really came out great! I wonder if you could find a larger one online?? I still want to do this. HAVE to make a Joann's trip maybe I'll get one on sale. Would actually be nice to find a small one for my kitchen.