Saturday, April 3, 2010


Sew... Last night, Rob and I took my lil' sister, Kaylee, and my nephew, Brayden, to the Skillet concert in Tyler. It was AWESOME. I still cannot believe they did the pyro in such a small venue. Was great. I did a lot of crafting over the week, and Kaylee mentioned I should make myself a shirt to wear. I told her I was too busy with other crafting and sewing. But, I ended up getting a wild hair and made one on Thursday. Very easy. A little stinky though... No one else was complaining, but I still smell it. I took a solid black shirt. Printed off the Skillet logo onto some way too thin, but at least it was thicker than paper, card stock. Then, I cut out the logo with a kitchen knife. If you can't tell by now, I was only willing to make this shirt out of things I already had on hand! After that, I pinned the logo into place on the shirt, took it to the garage, grabbed some silver spray paint, and painted it.

The initial attempt failed. The spray paint bled through several places.

So... I let it dry. Then took a sharpie to it!

Let it dry some more, and followed it up with a light spray painting all over, then a sharpie outlining all the letters.

Kaylee thought it was great, so I was happy. And I did wear it. It really turned out very 90's grunge to me. Too bad I no longer own a big flannel. Would have paired up perfectly with an unbuttoned flannel on top!

I have 3 more completely projects that I'm just waiting on pictures to be able to post! And tonight... It's 10:20, but I am seriously considering trying to tackle 2 Easter dresses for the girls for tomorrow. Going to have to be something SUPER fast and easy though!


  1. It's totally 90's grunge. I love it!! Turned out really well! Can't wait to see the other projects!

  2. Way to go! Perfect for the concert and totally agree add the flannel and you are grunging. Good job!