Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Still behind...

I just realized I haven't posted a couple of things I've sewn recently. I still have 2 things I did that I need pictures of. But for now, here goes!

First, I made this outfit for my cousin's daughter, Lilly. This is my new favorite outfit to make! They just turn out so cute! I started making little scrunchies to go with them when I made this one. Hopefully I will get a picture of her in it to put up here soon!

Here is is all nice and neat and ready to be placed in a box and put in the mail!

And here are some dresses I just did for the girls. The instructions were a bit of a pain, but once I had it all figured out, they were really easy to make. Too bad that took so long. AND, too bad I ran out of white thread before I could finish. Seriously... I ran out of white thread. And Red... Ridiculous! I usually have at least 3 spools of white on hand at all times! It ended up being the finished dress of 1 of the two options with the pattern. The other option had a belt. I ran out of thread right at the finish of the dress without the belt. And it was the middle of the night. I really wanted the belt though. I don't think they are near as cute as they would be with a belt. And also, to bad I forgot to really get pics of the outfits! I actually only got these pics because Demi was sitting in the window sill looking so cute. We were at the hospital visiting Rob's mom (doing great) after church Sunday. So I did the best I could with my phone!


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  3. Love Lilly's outfit, it so cute. The fabric choice really makes it! Your dresses for the girls are great also!