Friday, September 17, 2010

My First Tutorial & A Giveaway!

I had an urge last week to make something functional and super quick for my husband to help kick-off football season! I pulled out some of my TX Longhorns fabric and it hit me- a Steering Wheel Cover! So I did some searches online and found several tutorials but in the end I opted to make it my own way. The first one I made using bias tape.
I liked it, and my dear, sweet husband thought I actually bought it for him, so I'll take that as a compliment! But honestly, I knew I could do better. So here is what I did for the next one.

Beyond your normal sewing necessities (machine, measuring tape, iron)-You will need:
1/4 Yard of Fabric
36" of 1/4" Elastic
Matching Thread
Safety Pins and/or Elastic Threader

First I measured straight across the two furthest points of my steering wheel.
Then I measured the grip circumference.
This tutorial works for most, but if yours is bigger or smaller- you will need to make adjustments. I tried mine on two cars and it fit both- one measured 14.5" with 4" grip, the other 15" with a 5" grip. And I'm fairly certain it could work on steering wheels an inch smaller or larger.

Once I got my measurements I came back inside and grabbed my fabric. I cut a strip 5 1/2" wide and used the entire width of the fabric (44") for the length.
Next came the iron. I folded over 1/4" and ironed all the way down the length of my strip of fabric.
Then I took this same side and folded over 1/2" and ironed.
Repeated with the opposite side.
Now to the sewing machine! I opened the folds, lined up the two short ends and sewed them together using a straight stitch Then I zig-zagged the edge because it always makes me feel more secure.
Then I folded the fabric back down where the iron creases were and sewed using a straight stitch very close to the edge of my ironed fold all along the length of each of the two sides, minus an inch. This leaves an opening for the elastic.
I took my elastic and cut it in half leaving me with two 18" pieces of elastic.
Just before I start threading my elastic, I remember a tip I found a while back that I really just adore! I take a marker and make a mark on the same side of each end of my elastic pieces so I will know if my elastic accidentally twists while I'm threading it. LOVE THIS! Can't remember where I found it- but seriously- THANK YOU!
Now I start threading my elastic. I like to safety pin the opposite end to the outside so I don't accidentally pull it all the way through.
Once threaded, I sew each end of the elastic to a piece of scrap fabric using a zig-zag stitch. I usually sew up and down 3 or 4 times on each side of the elastic.
Then I cut the excess scrap fabric off and stretch the fabric so the elastic works it's way all the way in where it belongs. Then I sew up the opening (using a straight stitch! Of course this is after I forgot to change my machine back to straight and zig-zagged instead. Causing me to have to stop down completely and remove stitches... UGH!).
Then repeat on the other side. But this time I remembered to change back to straight stitch!!!
And here it is!
Super easy! And I love the results! I do think it turned out better than my first one using bias tape. And, it was easier and faster!

So now... For the Giveaway! Surely you didn't think I had forgotten?! I have not 1, but 2 of these Longhorns steering wheel covers to giveaway! I reached the wonderful first 100 fans on my Facebook page a while back, but now I want more! (Suddenly I feel like one of my children... Always wanting more.) When we reach 200 fans, I will have 2 drawings. One winner from the first 100 fans, and then a 2nd winner from 101-200! So everyone, suggest to your friends! And, Thanks so much for all your support!


  1. Um...that looks like a lot of measuring to me...but I think I might have to try making one of those!

  2. I love it! Looks great. I am going to have to make a cowboy one for my hubby

  3. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing your tip on using elastic. I have never worked with it but could see how useful knowing this would be ahead of time.

  4. Way to go Alisha! I am not sure how you find time to do all of this sewing with 3 children, but you are very talented! I really like the steering wheel cover!