Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Birthday Present

Okay. Sew another friend of both my girls is having a birthday! I actually made her a personalized pillow last year, so I had to come up with something else. I was really stuck on the whole pillow idea and just couldn't get my brain to come up with anything else. So I started searching for ideas online. No matter how many cute things I found, I just didn't want to do them. So I realized I had to do something pillow-like. A floor cushion! I found a few tutorials online and read through them, and then came up with this. There was a toddler sized version that I really liked the look of, so I designed my own version off of it. My kiddos definitely will have to get their own for Christmas! Love how it turned out! I went back and forth on the pocket idea, and when my sister, Holly, mentioned it, I decided I definitely had to put the pocket on their. Glad I did. The girls LOVE the pocket! Check out Crandallation on Facebook if you'd like to order one! I am offering them in 3 different sizes! (Please forgive my pics! The weather is not cooperating, my lighting is horrible, my craft room is a mess, and we have to give the gift- so I had to get the best pics I could!)


  1. So freaking cute! I love that it has a handle...Lyndon carries his pillows and pillow pet all over the house! You never know where the next reading spot will be!