Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Special Project

Sew... I have been working hard on a very special project. Most of you know that my two girls play softball. Their daddy coaches and I am the manager/team mom. I have to say, I could never thank Maureen enough for asking us if we would coach a team 4 seasons ago. We have such an amazing group of girls that just love the game! We went undefeated this season! and are 16-2 in the last 2 seasons! I am so sad to see this season come to an end. Seriously, is it March yet? Let's start practicing for Spring!

If you haven't already guessed, the special project I was working on was for our girls! We really wanted to do something special for each of the girls. We tossed around several ideas and as I had just made the personalized pillows, pillows have just been on my brain, so I came up with the idea to make each of our girls a pillow with their number on it. I hand embroidered their name, our team name (GO WILDCATS!), and the year at the bottom. And the back was left completely white. Why? So the girls could sign them! Sew after our game last night we all headed to braums, enjoyed some ice cream, and then after a very sweet short speech by my hubby (seriously, I was starting to tear up right when he finished it! We really love our Wildcat girls!), we passed out pens and then the pillows. It was a very giggly scene as they were signing each others! Unfortunately... I forgot my camera! I believe 2 of our mom's got pics though. Once I get copies, I will update with more pics. For now, here are some pics of them after I finished them, as well as a couple my daughters holding theirs after we got home last night.
ALSO... I finally made myself do some freezer paper stenciling! And I am completely addicted to it! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Here is TJ modelling 2 shirts I made for him. I really am in awe of how well they turned out! I can't wait to make more. The first one, The letters were so small I couldn't really get the dots in on the r's and p's, ect. And you can see a little of the freezer paper that I hadn't gotten off yet between some letters. I couldn't find my tweezers and little man insisted on wearing it right then! But I still think it turned out great.
The second one... WOW. LOVE. My little man is obsessed with Dinosaur Train right now (and I can't blame him! Where was that show when I was little?! Dinosaurs and trains together! GENIUS!). I already have plans for a few more shirts inspired by that show! Need to get some better pics of this one though!

Coming later this week- Collaboration Giveaway with Spirit By Holly!


  1. Freezer paper stenciling...what is this? Also, have you seen the directions for homemade silk screening? I saw it on a blog, I'll have to find it and send it over. Great pillows! What an awesome idea

  2. Those pillows came out GREAT!! Love them!!
    Those freezer paper shirts came out great too...I've had a whole roll sitting in my craft closet for months now and have yet to touch it...maybe after Christmas. Or maybe for Christmas? I guess we'll see how my list goes.

  3. Ok that pillow idea is awesome! I so would have loved that when I was kid. I think you should market to sports teams and schools you are on to something there!!!