Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Costumes, More Freezer Paper Stenciling, An Upcycled- Upcycle project, And GIVEAWAY TIME!

I realize now that I'm posting this, apparently I've been busier lately than I thought!

Let's start with Halloween. I managed to get off pretty easy this year! My girls decided to be black cats, and though all they needed were ears and a tail, I ended up making their pants too.
And little man decided he wanted to be a puppy. I'm still not sure how I managed to get his outfit done in less than 24 hours! I used some knit I bought for 50cents a yard a while back to make the hoodie and pants. Then took some brown felt and sewed ears and spots all over.
I can't believe I didn't get a good picture of a single one of their tails! They were just tails, but they looked so cute!

Next... I did some more freezer paper stenciling. I made my hubby and myself both Texas Rangers shirts. So sad they didn't win it all, but it was a great season still! I must say though, I'm still shocked that we used to turn on Rangers games to fall asleep in this house! But ever since our girls started playing softball, we are glued to the games. The last 2 seasons we've hardly missed a game. Glad we started watching when we did! Was such an exciting season!
I also made myself a Glee shirt! :)
And for upcycling.... I took a shirt that I had upcycled last year and upcycled it so it could be used this year as well. Check out the original upcycle for it! I do like the deeper orange I used last year. This year's is more of a neon orange. But I had to use what I had! The orange in this one was also from an old Little Caesars work shirt. TJ wasn't so much in the mood for pics today though...
And finally- It's Giveaway time people! Crandallation and Spirit By Holly have teamed up for a special Ho Ho Ho Giveaway! So how would one go about entering??? It's simple! "Like" Crandallation for an entry. "Like" Spirit By Holly for another entry. And for additional entries, suggest to your friends- Have them comment on either of our pages that you referred them and you will get an additional entry! And yes, you get an entry PER friend, as long as they comment that you are the one that referred them! All entries must be received by 11:59pm on Tuesday, November the 9th. Winner will be announced the morning of the 10th. Good luck!!!

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  1. WOW! You really have been busy! LOVE all the freaking cute! Also loving the Rangers Tee, it looks great! I really need to try making one...also need to try making one of those sweatshirts!!