Monday, October 18, 2010


Sew many Birthday's in October! I have been working away on Birthday presents and some Christmas presents lately, and I can finally post some. First, for my sweet baby boy, who turned 3 on the 14th. I made him two reversible bucket hats. He used to have one he loved to play with, but it finally got to small so I made him these. Here he is modelling them with Myrtle. His needs an extra ironing to set right, but he hasn't wanted to let me do it. I keep randomly spotting Myrtle around the house wearing one lately! :)
And I also made him a glove puppy!
Next- my bff's son turned 2 on the same day! For Lyndon I made a reversible bucket hat as well. Here's TJ modelling it. This one turned out the best, by far! The thicker the interfacing, the better, I've learned!
I also decided to crochet a dinosaur for Lyndon. However, I didn't get the legs done in time. But I decided to give it anyways and have it sent back home with me for legs. Well, Lyndon was really holding onto it once he saw it, so with some help from his family- we decided it was done. I was wrong. It wasn't an incomplete dinosaur, it was the loch ness monster!
And finally, it seems that nearly all my girls' friends have October Birthdays! I decided to make initial pillows for the first 2. And, I just have to say, I LOVE them! My girls will get their own under the tree this year for sure! I also will be offering these in my shop! $18 per pillow. And if you want to do a full name or 3 initials, will be $2 per letter extra. I plan to have a boy version soon also.
I have a major project to complete within a week as well as another Birthday present to make by Saturday- sew still very busy. BUT... Coming next week, Crandallation will be teaming up with my awesome big sister over at Spirit By Holly for a really great give away! Go check out her page and be sure to become a fan. And then suggest Crandallation and Spirit By Holly to all your friends! This can be a double people! We've yet to reach 200 fans at Crandallation! So you and everyone else who "likes" Crandallation will be eligible for the 200 fan give away, AND the collaboration give away with Spirit By Holly!


  1. That TJ is such a cute model! Love the hats, and the stuffed animals. They look like great gifts! I think I need to order one of those pillows for one of my co-workers daughters!

  2. Okay, I LOVE the sock monkey hat...but I have a thing for sock monkeys. Lyndon LOVES his hat! Elmo was talking about hats yesterday and Lyndon had to run and get it to show Elmo!
    He's also been dragging poor Nessie around the house by his tail! So cute...handmade gifts are always the best. :o)