Sunday, February 27, 2011

Catch Up Party!

Well... I'm honestly ashamed at how long it's been since I've posted. This wicked case of pinpoint (guttate) psoriasis I've had since Christmas has really had me a bit down... I finally got into the doctor and so far am much MUCH better. Though still not 100%. This last week I've finally started getting myself and house back into a schedule and I have to say it's an even better one than we had before. Add to that I'm back to eating right and lost 5 pounds this week and I'm definitely not so down anymore! If I could only get this pain in my left ankle to go away, I could start working out again too..

So to get caught up, here's pics of everything (Hope I'm not forgetting anything) I made for Christmas gifts this year!

Ribbon Scrap Belts for my daughters
Crocheted Pocket Scarf for my lil' man
Holly Jolly Sign for my big sis
Peace Sign for family auction
Believe Sign for family auction
Large Fabric Ornament for family auction
Magnet Christmas Trees my girls made for their teachers
Season Block Signs (I made 3 sets of these. 1 for my mom, one my big sis, and 1 for myself!)
Christmas Wreath for myself
Arm Chair Organizer for my mother-in-law
Car Holder for my son (already needing a second one of these for him!)
Reading Tent for my girls
I believe that's all for Christmas.

Onto January now! My hawk sport'n, star wars fanatic nephew turned 5 in January and I made this shirt for him. Please ignore the bleed thru spots... I didn't realize it happened until it was too late! :(
We got a new family member this year! Meet Ranger! We had lots of snow and ice immediately after we got him so I made him this sweater. Someone decided to let him play with it while I wasn't in the room a week later and it's now shredded... Was super easy though and I am totally going to make him more!
That's all for this post!


  1. I still freaking love those ribbon belts. I totally need a girl. Where do you get your ribbons?

  2. love it all! btw, did i tell you boston got a haircut last week? it's "beiber"/brayden-ish. but we still put it in a hawk =)

  3. Wowza, you are crafty!! Love all your creations, you are truley a creative genius!!!