Monday, February 28, 2011

A Special Night for Our Girls

Sew the Hubby and I had been discussing going to a concert, or 2, soon and in the process we discovered that Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) was going to be in town. Our girls LOVE Miranda Cosgrove and have all her available cds right now. They've also been BEGGING us to take them to a concert for well over a year now... So we decided to check it out. The tickets were the right price for us, so we bought them. Then the real sneakiness began! We decided we would not tell the girls ANYthing about it. So we didn't. We also decided I would make them shirts to wear. I figured out their whole outfits in my head and then we just forgot all about it anytime they were around, minus a few secret winks and shared grins over the 8 days leading up to the concert. I LOVE the shirts I made for them. Some of my favorite work so far! I can't tell you how much I love love love love LOVE freezer paper stenciling. For these shirts, I poured some glitter all over them while the paint was wet. Then, when all was dry and the paint had been heat set, I sprayed some spray adhesive on them to help keep the glitter in place. Worked perfectly until they were washed. Don't get me wrong, they are still awesome, but they lost 95% of their sparkle during that first wash. I'm happy though, I was in a time crunch and my goal was to get the sparkle to last that night, which it did. However, these pics don't even come close to showing the major sparkle!

Here's several pics with the paper still attached. The fronts say "Sparks Fly" (name of tour) and "Bam" (1 of their favorite songs). The backs say "Miranda Cosgrove 2011" and "Disgusting" (their other favorite song).
SO... The day of the concert rolled around and while TJ was napping I made the girls take a quick shower and told them I wanted to play with their hair and that we would be running by their memaw's when their little brother woke up, but that we couldn't stay. They immediately started asking why as memaw doesn't live right up the street from us... They figured we must be picking up something, or dropping off something. I finally told them that it was their brother's special night and he was getting to stay the night with memaw. The girls weren't so happy with me after that. While doing their hair we talked about how they get to stay the night at a friends but TJ doesn't yet, so this is like a sleepover to him and they shouldn't be so upset. We would have the night to play games or watch a movie or whatever without him interrupting, and we MIGHT even go out to eat. Now they're excited. Also, while they were in the shower, I packed up their outfits, the cameras, and the tickets in car.

We got their brother dropped off, came home and their daddy and I "talked over" going out to eat and finally decided we would (as if we hadn't already decided to go eat first!) Rob sets the TV to record the All Star events and we head out. I made sure and mentioned that we need to hurry because daddy and I don't want to miss the slam dunk contest!

After we eat, we head straight to the venue. We park and get out before the girls finally ask where we are. I just mutter something about daddy wanting to check out something for All Star weekend and to get out of the car. We head to the trunk where I handed them each a gift bag with their shirts in it.
They loved the shirts (YEAH!), but still had no clue. So I showed them the tickets.
At this point, I am sure they knew, but were afraid if they said it it wouldn't be real. So told them. Many screams while changing in the parking lot (note in the picture where they opened their shirts, mommy thought ahead and had them wear a long sleeve shirt and leggings under their outfit so they could change in the parking lot no problem!) And then we headed in!

It was the perfect first concert. Was very relaxed, and not too rowdy at all. I still can't believe I couldn't get a single scream out of either girl while we were in there though! We all enjoyed it so much, we can't wait to take them to another one! Rob was sure to let the girls know on the way home that this isn't something we can do all the time as it is pricey, but we would like to take them once a year or so. Although later that night he was mentioning other concerts he'd like to take them to NOW... :)

So after my long story... I decided I wanted to make a scrap page to hang in the girls room with some pics form that night and the actual tickets. I decided to try a digiscrap page for the 1st time. I could have it on here, and print it and put the tickets on it for their room. I'm really not happy with it, honestly.... I was using PSP5, which normally I love, but it just wasn't cutting it for this project. If I do pages in the future, I will need a program for it. But here it is. The background and the background in the note are from Kellies Kreations Punk You- Pinks, Black and White. The whole kit is fantastic, but my PSP just wouldn't cooperate with it at all.
I must add... I am SO happy with these pettiskirts. I made these I believe 3 years ago now and they still fit! WOOHOO! I thought I would never ever make one again, but I am rethinking that now...


  1. Love those shirts and skirts. You totally need to make more of the skirts! They are SO cute.
    Also love your first digi page!!

  2. nan needs a skirt or 5 for dance. how much?

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  4. What an awesome memory you guys created!! Such cool parents!

    Great job on the shirts!!

    P.S. I have no clue who the artist is, does this mean I'm old?