Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shirts and Pics

My much older sister :P, Holly, found a fantastic shirt online and sent me the pic with the statement "You must make this for me" attached. Her birthday was coming up, so I decided to make one for her birthday. But, it was just too great not to share. I simply had to have one for myself. And... my bff, Cerise, who's birthday is just a few days after my sisters. AND... My awesome cousin, Cassie, who has done so many wonderful things to help me and my family over the years. Holly and I have already discussed the need for these in every color. This shirt immediately became my favorite! And I have a new shirt along these lines that is still in my head. Hope to make it this week! So... Here they are. I hope one day the 4 of us can all get together for a craft night and a pic of us all in our shirts!
And tonight, I worked on something that I started nearly a year ago... The joys of unfinished projects. I can't tell you how happy I am that I decided to finish this one tonight! This one is 8 feet long and is hanging in our front room/my craft room. I honestly couldn't be happier. I started to update the 2 I made last year with new pictures, but I just couldn't bring myself to take any of the old ones down. I think I'm going to have to make another smaller one for a different room in the house for updated pics... The hallways would be good for more of these! :) I always did have a hard time updating picture frames with newer pictures. And for these, I spent a couple weeks picking out all the best pics from the previous years. There's just not a single one I do not want up anymore!

Okay, enough with my justifying! I'm sure I'm not the only one with that issue! So... Here's the big unveilling. My 8 foot frame hanging in the front room. Rob actually stopped and stared for a few minutes and proceeded to tell me how great it was. I'm proud. This project actually turned out even better than I had pictured it in my head. :)


  1. I freaking love my shirt!! It's really fantastic.
    I totally need to update my photos...I've taken a million and still haven't got more than a picture of Lennox hung up.
    LOVE your name on that clothespin board...frame. I still want to make one to put in Lyndon's room. I think it would be fantastic for him to have a place to put pictures and his art work.

  2. Missed you this weekend. Meagan and I commented about needing one of those shirts for ourselves. Love the picture frame.

  3. LOVE my shirt! Wore it last weekend at Jennie's. Got wash it this weekend so I can wear next weekend to my sewing meeting!!

    Good job on the Crandall pic board. Really cool. You could so sell those or give as gifts!!

    Still need to get those Bible covers done for the girls!!