Friday, April 8, 2011

Photo Class- Day 1, OLD

Sew, my bff, Cerise, sent me the info for a free 30 day online photo class. You should totally check it out. So far our host has given some great tips and, well, she's motivated me to start playing around with my totally awesome new camera (I love you Can.0!). So far, I've only used sweet Can.0 on his Auto setting. I planned to change that tonight after reading her email, only to discover my batteries are now dead! UGH! Must get more tomorrow...

Our First assignment is... Old. To me, old is just a short, unflattering way to say Beautiful. Old is wise. Old is worn, used, loved, held, cherished, looked up to. Personally, I love old. My little sister is about to turn another year older. Seems so long ago she was born, and yet this Wednesday she'll be turning 16. My husband just turned another year older as well. A handsome, smart, funny, creative, loving 40. My bff from the time we were born till she passed away when we were just 25... The anniversary of her death is getting another year older in less than a month. Another year older, and another year closer to us being reunited. My kids are getting older... Well, we can put the brakes on them! I do enjoy watching them grow, but let's not let them get old too fast! But yes, I do love old.

I really found it impossible to pick just one picture for old. So I narrowed it down to 3.

In 3rd Place.
The books on the top shelf are a set that belonged to my Uncle Jimmy. He couldn't bare to sell them or get rid of them so he passed them onto me just the other day. I really enjoyed going through them and putting them on the shelf in chronological order. Now it's time to start reading them. The first book in the series was written in 1953. On the shelf below, records that belonged to my Grandpa. My Grandma delivered them to me to sell for her, but the markets been too flooded lately, so I've been enjoying them in the meantime. Patsy Cline, Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, Elvis. The list goes on.

2nd Place
My 2nd picture is filled with more books. These books were a staple of my childhood. Going to Grandma's every Sunday I would read these. I've since learned that before I could read, I would have my my Grandma, or one of my Aunts read them to me as well! I remember reading them with my cousins also. Especially Jennie. Well, after years and years of begging, I was given the honor of owning the collection. And was told of how all my aunts actually grew up being read those books and then reading them to themselves as well. :) And sitting on top of those books... That's my Teddy-Teddy. When I was in Kindergarten, my Memaw died. She was my great-grandma. My Grandma took a quilt Memaw had made, and she turned that quilt into bears for all her grandkids. I couldn't even try to hide how much love this bear has been given!

1st Place.
This is my favorite picture right now. My mother-in-law, and my husband. Hopefully neither of them will get mad at me for posting this! There is just so much beauty in this picture. The years, the wisdom, the love. It and so much more just pour out of this picture every time I look at it. I didn't actually take this picture today. I took this picture last Saturday. But with a theme that speaks to me as this one does, I had to use it.

Hopefully the future assignments won't inspire me to write another novel on my blog!


  1. sweet stories! love the pics

  2. Love the pictures and the stories. I really need to get my butt in order and do this!
    You NEED to get a record player. Or at least get record frames and frame some as art. Get on it!

  3. I do have a record player. Though it suddenly wouldn't work for me last night. :(

  4. This is an amazing post Alisha. I love the way you share so much of yourself in your descriptions. I could see how much you love each and every picture and I think I would have put them in the same order although I have to say your walk down memory lane with our family held some very strong emotions for me personally. Btw, before you sell the records can you let me know as I would like to have a few please. I thought Thomas still had them all.