Saturday, April 9, 2011

Photo Class- Day 2, NEW

I am really enjoying the free Opposites Photo Class so far! I can't wait to start playing around with the manual settings on my camera though! My lil man should wake from his nap soon, and we will be headed straight to the store when he does.

The theme for day 2 is New. This is an Opposites class, after all! :P I recently got my hair cut short. Well, many will argue it's not really short as it's just past my shoulders, but it's really short for me. I have always admired people with short hair, but just never have liked it on myself. Literally cried over it being cut before. HATED it. Well, that's changed. I cut it just because I was sick of it. Always in a pony and just stringy, ect. I love my hair now. And it's suddenly bounced to life. It's actually curly which is totally new for me. And I even want to go shorter now. I never, EVER thought I'd live to see the day... So with my new hair, I've suddenly got a major thing for dangling earrings. And big, BIG hoops. And I need a place to store them. I made some frames for my daughters to put their jewelery on a while back. I wanted one for myself but never got around to it. Thanks to my new hair and new obsession, I finally did. So here is my new earring holder! I think she's just gorgeous! Though many of my earrings blend with her because they are so dark. (Oh, and the peace signs belong to my Lexi. But I thought the colors in them really added to the overall look!)


  1. Awe...I totally miss my big earrings! It's kinda hard to wear them when Nox keeps trying to rip them out!
    Love the new earring holder. I really need to make one for myself.

  2. Oh... TJ did rip one out last night... Luckily there was no damage but my scream of fear when I felt the tug scared him pretty bad. Fairly certain he won't do that again...

  3. Love the earring holder! I made a bow holder out of a picture frame for my daughter awhile ago-who knew frames had so many uses?!?