Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Resolutions. What can I say, I've never been a fan. Too much seeing people make them then forget them a month later maybe, I don't know. But this year, I really feel... well, different. So here it goes. In no particular order...

1. We'll get to this one in a minute... Maybe.
2. To work every day to be a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend.
3. Lead by example. Be a light in this world.
4. Focus on my physical health, and that of my husband and children as well.
5. Project Life. Bought it. Love it. Now I need to DO IT.
6. Attitude. It's contagious. Is yours worth catching? Definitely not in many more things than I'd like to admit. I'm a SAHM. What I've always wanted. And I do so love it. So why do I still hate cleaning so much? My husband works hard for our family. He works hard to keep me home. The least I can do is have the house clean when he gets home most days! I'm now homeschooling as well. Something I feel called to do. And I love. But too often, I lack motivation. Not in doing the homeschooling- but in planning it. And I know my children thrive well with planning. Which in turn leads to less frustration for all. Must work on this!
7. Pray more. Mainly expand more to others outside of my home. Will probably start a prayer journal for this.
8. Blog more! I would like to get at least 3 days a week on my blog. But I'm setting my resolution for once a week. For now.
9. Always take the time to play in the rain with my kiddos!
And now back to number 1... And I'm seriously scared of this one. Like, debating hitting delete instead of publish on this post, scared. Never really told anyone in my life, scared. I've always loved to sing. Always been scared to do it on stage. Those 2 things aren't exactly unknown. What is? That at least since I was in middle school, I've felt God wanted me to sing in church. Not just in the choir, (believe me, I tried that). But solos. Maybe even duets. Just specials period. I've always ran from it. And have been pretty content in doing so.
But now I have 2 daughters with beautiful voices and a desire to learn guitar and keyboard as well. And Stretch is very much displaying my same fears already. How can I expect my own children to use their talents for God when I don't? Lead by example... Also on my resolution list...... My dad and my little (almost 18 year old!) sister both play in their church band. My little niece just did a solo in public. She's 8!!! And even that isn't helping my daughters. It's not that my children don't have wonderful examples. But I can't expect those to be enough. I'm the mom here. I'm being their built in excuse! And what else have I ever not done in life because I didn't face this fear? Really not sure if it's held me back in other things, but I know it could. I want my children to be confident even in their fears. How come no one ever told me how much I would have to raise myself while raising my children????

Well that's it. My 2013 Resolutions. If you believe in praying- I sure could use some extra prayers!


  1. Great list! I hate cleaning too...If the house is a mess I see it as a day we had fun making memories and playing. :o)
    Performing in front of a large group can be really tough. Maybe all of you should start with smaller groups, like family and friends...and then move up to bigger groups. Let me know if you figure out any tips. Munch gets nervous if he catches me watching him, so I can see it being a problem in the future.

  2. I don't really think there are too many people out there that enjoy cleaning. But it's different. I mean, for the first few years, I loved it. I was so grateful to be home with my kids, cleaning happened very joyfully. I am claiming that thankful attitude again this year! It's mine, and I want it back!

    As for performing... we'll see.