Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project Life

One of my resolutions/goals for this year, is Project Life. I finally got a chance to get started on it yesterday, now that I'm already 2 weeks behind. I'm determined to get this done though. I already look forward to going back and looking through it on New Years Eve this year!

So, it's not just being busy getting in my way. It's computers. Our computers have both decided to start falling apart on us over the last few months. It's really difficult to accomplish anything on either of them right now. However, my husband's new computer has arrived, and we will hopefully be getting mine today (though if we order it online, it may not be here for a couple more weeks). And add to that, my ears started ringing out of no where yesterday and still are, and I'm definitely a bit dizzy... My goal was to get the title page and these first 2 weeks of the year done by the end of this weekend, but I'm not sure my head will let me at this point. I'm trying though. 

Here's a sneak peak for my title page. Made this last night. I took this picture on Christmas Day 2012. Can you believe we got snow on Christmas in Texas?! So wonderful! 
A little background on the quotes... In high school, one of my English teachers had a quote on the board every day as we walked in. We had to write the quote in a journal, then what we felt it meant. And then every week (or possibly 6 weeks?), we were given a blank sheet of paper and had to write all the quotes with their authors. Pretty sure most of the class despised this. I, however, adored it. And my husband (boyfriend at the time) would help me work on memorizing them. I still reference that journal. I always keep it somewhere I can get to quickly and easily.

The first quote on the picture was my absolute favorite. And hubby knew that quite well. The second was what my husband (still boyfriend at this time) wrote on a card he sent me with flowers for my birthday many, many, many years ago . Pretty sure I was a little sick that birthday, and didn't have a great day either. It was perfect. And still is. :)

I love how the picture shows it's quite cloudy, but it's also pouring snow. And to my family, snow makes for a fantastic day! As does a good rain storm with no lightning. I'm sure our neighbors think we're pretty insane. Although the family across the street has actually taken to letting their son play in the rain when we are out now!

Reminds me of another quote that fits us quite well, and I'm sure will make an appearance in our Project Life book this year,

Remember there's rain, and there's candy, and Christmasy winter snow. -Blue October (taken from the song For My Brother)

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  1. Have you checked your blood pressure? Hope you are feeling better soon!
    Love those quotes! Great things to remember throughout the year :o)
    I was so sad we didn't get out in the snow. No one really has any good boots for snow...or rain...I should probably get on that.