Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weight Warriors Week 3

Little Adventures

Current Weight

Weight +/- 


Total +/-

Goal for this week
Keep tracking. Food and Water!

Activity Plan
3 Days (so far, I've gotten zero in. Yep, I lost 6 pounds strictly tracking my calories, and getting my water in. I'm sure my body was in shock from the turn around in eating. I will gladly enjoy it though.)

Struggle This Week?
Didn't get any workouts in! Not even a walk. Not stressing now though. Still getting back into routines after Christmas break.

Also.. We had a field trip today and didn't eat after breakfast until nearly 4pm. Needless to say, we stopped somewhere. And I enjoyed. 
AND- My sweet Bocker (middle child), will be turning 9 this upcoming Monday. We will definitely be having cake. And she's requested Panchos. I intend to enjoy it. Just a slice of cake. But plenty of Panchos! It's something we only do a few times a year. So I refuse to not enjoy, and refuse to feel bad about that!

Fitspiration (photos, Tips, etc...)

I really just adore this. "Sparkle" only shows up when you sweat (or get it wet, I'm sure). Little cheesy, maybe, but I WANT it. I want want want, want it. :)


  1. Alisha- WOOT WOOT .... You go girl with your six lbs! I always love those initial big numbers that knock ya down a bit quickly! :D Aw Happy early birthday for your kiddie! :D and i am a firm believer that unless eating a certain thing will spiral you into a pattern of more not good things... then you can enjoy a smaller portion of anythin gyou LOVE... just not every day! :D so lik you said! Its something u only do every so often! :D
    Good luck in the upcoming week! :D

  2. WOOHOO!!! SIX pounds! That is AWESOME!!! You rock!!

  3. AWESOME job!!! I'm so proud of you.
    Okay, were the heck is that tank from? I have a few saved to my motivation board that are similar...that I totally want. I don't sweat a lot, but I still want.