Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weight Warriors Week 2

Little Adventures

Current Weight

Always struggled with my weight. Heart problems after my son was born and wasn't cleared for physical activity for a year. So I pretty much ate that year away... Once I was cleared, I really started getting healthy. Lost 70 pounds in around 7 months. Then life got in the way. And I allowed it. And continued to allow it. 4 years later, I've regained all by 3 pounds. Ugh. I'm certainly disappointed in myself as I have to lose so much again now. And disappointed at the horrible example I've been to my children. My husband can and does) eat whatever he pleases without any issues, which certainly makes this process harder for me. But I'm not relying just on myself and my willpower any longer. I'm officially starting TODAY. So no loss or gain to report. this week.

Goal for this week
Track all my food and get my water in each day! (I'm on SparkPeople, though I don't intend to post there, just tracking. It's free and I highly recommend it if you are looking for something like that. They have an app, so I just track on my phone.)

Activity Plan
My knee has been pain free for the past 2 days, still feels a little loose, if that makes sense, but no pain. So I plan to start walking, or working out in my living room. I want 5 days a week, but my goal right now is 3. And as we are just getting back to homeschooling after 2 weeks off, and adding in subjects this semester... I won't be upset if it takes me a couple weeks to get into a consistent schedule.

My mom gives us devotionals each year for Christmas. My sisters and I got Made To Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. I started it Monday, so I've only read 3 days so far, but I already want to recommend it to everyone. My older sister has the Made To Crave book Lysa first wrote and has me convinced I need to read it also. But you don't need it for the devotional. The devotional is 60 days worth of motivation to craving God, not food.


  1. Oh alisha! :) im so thankful to have you around! :D We have some really great God-filled get healthy ladies here! :D Looking forward to learning more about you! :D You did it before you can do it again! :D :D We all can! LOVE that devotional book! :D
    good luck with getting your 3 days of exercise this week! Take it easy to start! :D

  2. Good Luck this week! I know you can do it again. I am in the same boat, after losing 95 pounds, I managed to gain back all but about 17 of them. WE CAN DO THIS!!

  3. You need to link up to Fat Ass Fridays too!! :o) The more support the better right?
    You can totally do this. Just don't go over board on that knee!
    I can't wait for the weather to get better so I can include the kiddos in my walks.