Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weight Warriors Week 5

Little Adventures

Current Weight
260 So ready to enter the 250's!

Weight +/- 

Total +/-

Goal for this week
Still focusing on the 2 W's. Water and Workout. 

Activity Plan
3 Days. I bought a Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection DVD. I intend to put it to use! 

Struggle This Week?
Did not work out, again. And still struggling with the water. I'm averaging 6 cups instead of 8 thus far. I'm excited to start the walking DVD I got. The first one is only 18 minutes, which sounds much more doable to me right now. Start off with that 18, get myself and the rest of the family used to it- then increase my time.

Fitspiration (photos, Tips, etc...)
I pinned this quote a while back, but didn't like the picture for this purpose so much. So I put it on this picture I took during our family vacation last summer. I like how it turned out. Well, I wish I had more time to tweak it so the quote would show even better, but I'm getting to know my new program and wanted to get this post up. I like it enough though! I will probably have to incorporate it in Project Life this year! 

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  1. Alisha- I LOVE your quote!! IT IS SO TRUE ! congrats on your 2 lb LOSS! WOOHOO! :D I am so happy that I am almost back to my pre-gain last weeks weight! :D Switched my focus to more whole foods, LOTS OF WATER! YAY for the 2 W's LMAO imworking on those too! :D LETS HAVE a GREAT WEEK!