Friday, February 22, 2013

Weight Warriors Week 8

Little Adventures
Current Weight

Weight +/- 

Total +/-
-12 (SO excited. I'm really hoping I'll say goodbye to the 250's by Week 10!

Goal for this week
Get back on schedule. This has been our 3rd week in a row off school and normal scheduling. My husband has been diagnosed with a herniated disk and will see a specialist to find out treatment on Monday. Softball season (well practices to get ready for the season) began this past Monday. So now it's back to the business of softball until next Winter comes. After 3 weeks off, I'm ready for some schedule again. Although softball usually means a more hectic schedule, I'm so ready. 

Activity Plan
Walk 3 days. 

Struggle This Week?
Didn't get a single walk in this past week. Though I did do some walking. We literally went shopping 4 days in a row trying to get outfits for our big family pics. Thus the reason we had yet another week off school Well, that and the fact that my husband had a virus earlier this week. I wanted us away from him as much as possible in hopes we wouldn't catch it. This morning my son was running a fever, but never actually got "sick" and has been fine for the last 6+ hours. Praying we all make it through this. If we can't do the pics tomorrow, it won't be until after April. Though I'll have shed several more pounds by then, we all want to get these pictures done. We've been talking about doing them for several years now!

Fitspiration (photos, Tips, etc...)
My husband and I coach and manage our daughters' softball team. This will be our 9th season doing so. This season brings lots of new and exciting things! This photo is my husband and our girls last Spring. It my Fitspiration this week because I want to be in these photos too! And to look good in them. And- I want  to take a more active role in practices (I actually am pretty active already in them, but, I want to be even more so), and I would like to play in an adult co-ed league with my husband one of these years as well. 

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  1. SO proud of your weight loss! <3
    and thanks for all your sweet comments!
    Ive lost 3 of my five so far already!
    252 :) Lets squash these 250's