Monday, March 11, 2013

Weight Warriors Week 10

Little Adventures

Current Weight

Weight +/- 
-5 (Woohoo! I knew I was bound to lose back what I gained from all that water drinking and that wonderful time of the month, fairly quickly- but this was way better than I expected. Especially as my daughters played their first softball of the year in a tournament the weekend during Week 10 (I'm late posting, so March 2nd and 3rd). Tourneys typically mean we eat out, and since we really don't eat out much, I enjoy. So, while I was still working out and eating great the rest of the time, and still confident I would lose what I had gained the week before- I was definitely not expecting to lose more! So excited!)

Total +/-

Goal for this week
I'm going to change things up this time! I still need to focus on my water, though I'm definitely doing much better most days now. I haven't been tracking it, which I need to, but I know I am getting my 8 cups just about every day now. My goal for this week is going to be to get my butt back on my blog and get my post done no later than Thursday night this week!!! It's had to be at least 3 weeks straight that I've posted nearly a week late. Got to fix that.

Activity Plan
I'm going to continue to focus on 3 days a week of Walking Away the Pounds. I'm not sure I will be able to fit more than 3 days in until after softball season ends. Season starts March 23rd, and our team (we coach our daughters' team) will play twice a week. We are also trying to figure out a way for our son to get to play tball at the same time. And, we chalk fields for one city also. That will cut into our schedules, but it's also a good little workout too! 

Struggle This Week?
Finding the time to sit my butt down and post!

Fitspiration (photos, Tips, etc...)
My girls. :) An opponent team for our normal season picked up our girls to play in a tourney with them. We really couldn't have been more proud of them. They got out there and completely rocked it. They took 2nd place losing the championship game to an all star team from another city.  They were so excited to add more trophies to their shelf, but were quick to point out the lack of space for any future trophies! :) (The wind was a bit insane.)

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  1. Great job losing 5 pounds! That's an amazing weekly loss! Keep up the great job!