Saturday, June 15, 2013

Scrappy Saturday

So, I am really trying to put together my first Project Life album this year. Problem is, time keeps getting away from me, and I keep running into problems. I didn't have the software needed to re-size my photos, we had computer issues, and so on. Suddenly, it's June and I've not completed a single week, let alone a month!

However, things are moving along finally. Quite a bit of this first 6 months will be Instagram pics, because it's so easy to backtrack those with dates and everything. Several places will print Instagram pics now, but for as many as I need printed- the price adds up very quickly. Instead, I'm re-sizing the pics to be printed as 4x6, as that's much cheaper. Then I'll cut down to size. So, I'm working on re-sizing, and I'm sure I still have around 100 left before I send them all to be printed and then start filling in our book. I do hope I learn from this to never get this far behind again on it! :) I'm very thankful for my Facebook and Instagram accounts now. Seriously, so easy to track pics and dates, and even just something special I might want to write down and add in. I really want this done by New Year's Eve. I want to be able to sit down as a family and look through it together. It's one of the main things that draws me in about PL- the thought of looking through memories of each year, as we finish it and welcome the new one!

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