Saturday, October 5, 2013

Scrappy Saturday

The majority of our day today was spent outside cheering on my middle child and her softball team. About 20 minutes into her 1st game, the wind blew, temperature dropped about 20 degrees instantly. I've experienced the super quick, 5 minute, drop 20 degrees several times. But this, this was literally instant. Like we walked through a wall. It was really awesome to experience. 

The rain came with it though. In the end, her team only played (and won!) 2 games and the entire tournament was cancelled. Boo. She had an absolute blast though. 
Love her and her adorable smile! :)

So... No working on my PL, yet again. But we know there will be no softball tomorrow, so I'm thinking I'll sit down between morning and evening services and work on it some more. For now- I'm going to do a "Currently" post that I will type/print/whatever and add to PL for this week/month.

Watching- Halloween Wars. It's amazing. Hubby discovered it and the kids and I got home and next thing, we were all hooked. It is absolutely amazing to see what can be made with some imagination, cake, pumpkins, candy, sugar, rice crispies, and other edible items! It's all based on scary creations, but it's way cool.

Reading- Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream
This book is fantastic. Huge eye opener, and potential life changer, or should I say world changer?

Listening- At this exact moment- hubby and I are watching Baylor annihilate West Virginia U. So that's what I'm listening to! 
We are a Longhorns family, but we also enjoy watching and cheering on some of our fine state's other schools. :)

Making- Memories. So much wonderful time with my kiddos and hubby. It's been so great! 

Feeling- Blessed. And exhausted. Definitely blessed and exhausted.

Planning- Little Man's 6th birthday. I cannot believe he is turning 6. We aren't planning anything big at all. Not even a party, but he does have a couple friends he wants a play date with, and he wants to go play mini golf!

Loving- Life. And this weather. It did hit me earlier being wet and in the cold, with short sleeves and no jacket or blanket. But I do love the cold!

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  1. The currently thing is fun :o) I really think I might make it weekly.
    The weather if freaking PERFECT this weekend. Even the rain made me insanely happy. LOVE FALL!