Friday, July 25, 2014

Can't sleep!!!

Lexi is picking up with a team tomorrow for a long 1 day tourney. Their first game starts at 7:30, warm up starts at 6:30. And it's about 40 mins away. The kids were sent to bed at 8:30, but as of about 20 mins ago they were all still awake. I couldn't even try to sleep yet. I made coffee so it would be ready for me (iced coffee), I made overnight oatmeal, I packed baggies of meat and cheese, bread, crackers, ect so we could just grab them when it's time to leave. Then I made some healthy muffins for the kids to have for breakfast, and extras for us all to have for a dnack. I'm finally ready to try and sleep, but it's not coming easy...

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