Monday, September 27, 2010

Daughters' Designs

My body (head) has been under a major dual-attack lately. Sinuses and Allergies decided to see what damage they could do if they teamed up on me. UGH! Feeling much better now. Not 100% yet, but close enough that I'm happy! For now.

Sew... Friday evening I stepped out of the shower to find my children attempting to make paper snow flakes. They didn't quite get the fold of the paper right, but what they did make, sparked something. Each of my girls had one in particular that just really looked like it needed to be made into something. So I took some shirts, and some fabric and went to town. Once they were sewn, I grabbed some buttons and gave them to the girls and told them to place them where they wanted them sewn on. Here are their creations. (Lexi wasn't in such a photographic mood in the first two..)
I love them! And best of all, the girls do too! Lexi hasn't decided what to call hers yet, but Demi says hers is a pig from Mars!

They wore them Saturday to my Grandma's 80th Birthday Party. It was a surprise party and it was great. And the best gift of all definitely had to be her awesome new pink bowling shoes that my big sister, Holly, and our cousin, Cassie, bought her! I was hoping to have a picture to post on here, but I haven't gotten them yet. Another cousin, Meagan, brought her really nice camera and tripod and took several pics of all the family. Here is one of all of us with Grandma!
And here is one of Grandma with her Grandkids and Great-Grandkids!
My girls made pot holders from a weaving kit for her, and I made this card to go with it. I don't think I will EVER buy a card again. Love how it turned out!
I've also completed another project that I can't show yet! I need to start a folder with pics of all the things I'll have to post after Christmas!

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