Monday, July 29, 2013

Make it Monday

Today, I made 5 car decals. 1 for my big sis, and 4 for an order. I will get a picture of them in action once they are installed! I also made a little installation instruction sheet to send with them.

I'm really hoping to turn this into a side business and am working on getting everything together, getting my facebook page updated, and once all is ready- running a promotion that will give someone a freebie, and me more potential customers!

I had a request from someone wanting to see some of the other decals I've done, and since I need to gather all my images (not like there are many...) here goes!

Penguin for my lil sis and Demon Hunters logo for her boyfriend.

My car. Not the best pic. Paw prints are the same as below, just used our nicknames instead on it. And added the large softball on the upper right corner.
My old car

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  1. Darn it. The new pictures aren't working for me, but that's awesome that you got new orders.