Friday, August 30, 2013

Five Things Friday

1. We finally broke down and invested in face masks for our daughters. Naturally, I busted out my Cameo and put their names and numbers on them!

2. I also got the girls some good headbands to keep their hair back.  They came in today so the girls will officially try them out at practice in the morning, but I know they were very highly recommended! Thank you Glitz Bandz!

3. Also in today.. Washi tape. My bestie, Cerise, over at Craft Cherry has got me hooked to this stuff. And was nice enough to let me know about a really cheap grab bag deal going on a couple weeks ago. Got mine in the mail today! I really can't wait to put them to use in my PL album. I'm also going to let my girls use them on some cards they want to make. 

4. Fun in the sun! Last weekday for my kiddos before we start school! (water balloons EVERYWHERE!)

5. And what would a school kick off party be without some amazingly delicious ice cream cake?!

And just because he was being so adorably cute. Here's our little Joey waiting patiently for the kids to come back inside!

1 comment:

  1. Yay! That means my washi will probably be there when I get home. :o) I sent some duplicates to my sister from my last haul.
    The kids look like they had an awesome time having a water party. :o)
    Is there a recipe for that Ice Cream cake? Cause I might need it.