Monday, September 23, 2013

Make It Monday

My oldest daughter's team asked me to make helmet stickers and glove/bat holder stickers for the organization (3 teams). They paid for the vinyl, but that's it. I really enjoy it, and hey, that's a benefit I'll offer for my kids' organizations!

I've managed to forget, yet again, to get a pic of the numbers I did for the back of the helmets. 

For the front, I did the DeMarini logo in a red glittered vinyl. 
For the racks, I did the logo in red, then each girl's name and number in a silver glittered vinyl.
I also made bag tags for both my daughters and the oldest one's team. I'm still trying to secure a few more plastic softballs to make them for the middle one's team. I was trying to come up with something cheap and super fast for them, and found these softballs 2 for 99 cents mixed in with all the mum supplies at Michaels. Added names on the front, numbers on the back, and some black cording, and they were done! Super cheap, super fast, easy to see on the bags, and still cute. :)
I really enjoy my silhouette cameo! :)

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  1. Love your work and all your creativity. Your kids are really lucky! lol